Software Engineers and Consultants

Our consultants are domain experts and trained computer scientists with PhD, MSc, Law degrees from premium institutes in the US and Canada. They specialize in Database Management, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Mining and Software Engineering. Our consultants are supported by experienced software engineers and UI/UX experts that develop innovative and customized software for our customers. All our consultants are equipped with effective skills for peer and customer communication, technical writing and documentation.


Saeed Soltani

Data Scientist - Big Data

Saeed Soltani received his bachelor degree in Computer Science from Queen Mary University, London. He is a data scientist, working with various big-data technologies to find insights from data and provide that information to customers. He is expected to receive an MSc in Big Data program from Simon Fraser University.


Punit Shah

Lead Developer - EDSN

Punit Shah received his degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and specializes in machine learning and statistics. He is proficient with various Open Source data science technologies and applies various computational models to drive insights from various forms of data. He has completed a Machine Learning graduate program at University College London.

Steven Tsao

Steven Tsao

Software Engineer - UI Development

Steven Tsao is a Software Developer specializing in UI development. He received his Computer Systems Technology diploma from BCIT, Canada. Originally pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering, his interests shifted towards software development due to the rapid growth of software driven innovations during the recent years. He's currently developing software for Web Services management.

Tejaswi Ogirala - Pic 2

Teja Ogirala

Research Engineer - R&D

Teja received his MSc from SFU and BTech in Computer Science from SRM University. In the past he has worked with SAP and Accenture on various industry projects. In research, he specializes in Big Data Management, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. In programming, he specializes in SAP HANA, Java, ​Angular ​JS, ​REST ​API’s and ​spring ​boot ​controller.

Simranjit Bhatia

Simranjit Bhatia

Research Engineer

Simranjit recent graduated from the Simon Fraser University with MSc. degree in Big Data. His previous industry experience has been with Boeing Vancouver during 2016-2017. At TeejLab, he works on data management problems and uses Python and SQL for data analytics. He is developing Machine Learning models to improve the quality of Open Source discovery tools.

Davis Goulet

Davis Goulet

Research Scholar

Davis is a University of Northern British Columbia student who won the first TeejLab Technology Fellowship. He enjoys computer programming and research. Currently he is helping the EDSN team in adding new analytics and policy management functionalities.

Tarajeet Gill

Taranjeet Gill

Data Scientist - Open Source

Taranjeet received BSc in Computer Applications from Panjab University and Information Systems from University of Fraser Valley. She applies Data Science skills (Python, Hadoop, Spark, SQL) for Open Source management. She is working toward her MSc in Big Data program from Simon Fraser University.

Cherlane Profile Pic2

Cherlane Lin

Data Scientist - Statistics

Cherlane Lin received her BSc degree in Statistics from Simon Fraser University (and expecting an MSc degree by 2019).  She specializes in statistical techniques and their applications in data analysis. She has years of hands-on experience in implementing Data Mining solutions using R, Python and Hadoop/Spark. She has co-authored a number of scientific reports.

Victor Yan 1

Victor Yan

Software Engineer - Java and SQL

Victor Yan received his degree in Computer Science and Microbiology & Immunology from the University of British Columbia. He specializes in software development using Java and SQL. He is proficient with various Open Source data science technologies and applies various computational models to drive insights from various forms of data. He intends to pursue a medical degree in the near future.

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan

Research Engineer

Mohsin is a Research Engineer working on Java and UI technologies at TeejLab. He is studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia with a focus on the Software Engineering area. He is interested in numerous topics in Computer Science and intends to pursue these topics as he learns more through his studies and internships in the future.

Won Woo Song

Won Woo Song

Research Engineer

Won Woo received his BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Northern British Columbia. In programming, he specializes in software development using Python, Java, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and in research, he is exploring applications of machine learning in data services management. At TeejLab, he is currently extending EDSN platform to include new data privacy and security related functionalities.

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(1) BSc/MSc/PhD students in Computer Science or Engineering or Mathematics or Statistics; (2) Strong software engineering and analytical skills (research experience will add more value); (3) Experienced in using programming languages/platforms such as Java, Python, restEasy, CSS, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.


We have partnered with highly skilled professionals to extend various services for managing Open Source risks while building data driven innovations. Our partners have multiple years of experience in IT law, IP compliance, security, finance, data management and analytics.


Simon Lin

Partner - Legal Risk Management

Simon brings technology legal compliance experience to TeejLab. He has multiple years of experience in auditing Open Source projects. He is also the Founder of Evolink Law Group that provides legal services in a more accessible, predictable, and affordable manner. He started off his legal career with a national intellectual property law boutique and later joined a full-service firm. As a lawyer, Simon recognized the non-transparent pricing practice in the legal sector and believed clients should not be hidden in the dark regarding legal fees, which motivated him to incorporate various technologies into his law practice to make intellectual property management transparent and seamless integration of booking system, instant messaging tools, and e-consultations.

With extensive technology background, Simon can easily advise on intellectual property, technology, and internet laws, which are indispensable in the digital age. He is very passionate about improving access to justice. He is a leading plaintiffs' counsel in two proposed national class actions and is actively involved in other litigation files.

Simon received his Computing Science degree from the Simon Fraser University and his Law degree from the University of British Columbia. During his free time, Simon likes to exercise and read.


Avinash Jagwani_Headshot-1

Avinash Jagwani

Partner - Financial Risk Management

Avinash brings financial risk management experience to TeejLab. He received his Chartered Professional Accounting designation while articling at KPMG LLP.  He has deep understanding of clients’ financial data, their impact on organizational performance, and how they can be used to reduce financial risks while delivering exceptional results. He specializes in providing auditing services to tech companies, starts-ups in various industries, large public sector organizations (municipalities, hospitals, universities) and not-for-profit organizations. He assists organizations convert to various accounting frameworks including IFRS, PSAB and not-for profit standards. He provides recommendations for both technical accounting and project management matters.

Avinash is also a Co-Founder & CEO of iBookeepers, a fully virtual, 100% cloud-based, and paperless bookkeeping business that uses various online applications to streamline a company’s bookkeeping needs. iBookeepers provides real-time accounting reports that are available on a timely basis to business owners for effective decision making. In addition to bookkeeping, iBookeepers provides accounting support, tax services, and business consulting to startups.

Varinder - Advisor

Varinder Sembhi

Partner - Data Management and Analytics

Varinder brings 17 years of data management and analytics experience to TeejLab. He specializes in Data Management, Data Governance and Analytics. Varinder is a pragmatic and goal focused delivery leader. He has track record to deliver complex and large scale Data Warehouse and BI projects, and has led global teams in his various roles. He has keen interest in Advance analytics, Big Data technologies, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge management and related fields.

Varinder is also the managing director of BI Vu Consulting. Before starting his consulting firm, he was BI and analytics Director at Manulife financials - Investment division. He has also worked in companies like Accenture, FIS and Bell Mobility.

Varinder is an engineer by training and also earned his Executive MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business. He is a certified Project management professional (PMP). He volunteers in the board of a non profit organization, India Rainbow Community Services of Peel.


Our teams are advised by industry veterans that have multiple years of experience in IT consulting, data analytics, finance, security and software engineering and law.

Mitra Kazemi_Headshot-1

Mitra Kazemi

Adviser - Tax & Accounting

Mitra advises TeejLab on accounting related matters. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia and her Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) degree at the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her Chartered Professional Accounting designation at KPMG Vancouver, where she specialized in providing audit services to both publicly and privately held companies in Real Estate, Financial Services, and the Health Sciences.

Mitra utilizes her strong accounting and analytical skills to help businesses grow by streamlining their bookkeeping needs using fully virtual, cloud based solutions. She has an extensive experience in research, analysis, and reporting under IFRS, US GAAP, ASPE, NPO, and PSAB standards and in critically examining organizations’ internal controls to provide recommendations for improvement.

Mitra is also a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of iBookeepers, where she helps high-net worth organizations in the public and the not-for-profit sectors. In her spare time, she enjoys working as a technical course assistant for the MPAcc program, practicing yoga, and exploring any and all outdoor activities in beautiful British Columbia and other scenic regions around the globe.


Manavpreet Thiara

Adviser - Investments

Manavpreet advises TeejLab on technology and investment related matters. He is a Director of Global Infrastructure Software & Automation with First Data. He is responsible for global technology & business management, database development, big data development, operational intelligence, micro-services enterprise architecture as well as the overall data strategy and analytics across the organization.

Prior, Manav led the corporate strategy team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, launching various innovative programs across the business and IT. Other highlights of his career include leading the data center strategy and capacity planning for Microsoft, leading an $10B healthcare company into new markets, and advising an $150M fund. Manav's diverse background has spanned Fortune 500 organizations to startups in various functions including corporate strategy, Finance, IT, Sales and Business Development.

Manav is an advisor to various startup companies as well as a regular speaker on analytics, business and IT transformation topics. He has a Computer Science Engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (NITJ- India) and an Executive MBA from University of Washington. In his spare time, Manav is an avid stock investor and likes hiking, running and snowboarding with his family.

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