Data Science as Service

We derive insights from large volumes of data that are available within your organization. These insights help your organization with digitization and promotion of business interests with your customers and partners. We apply state of the art data science principles to build innovative software products and services. Either you have structured or unstructured data, we have the expertise to consolidate your big data.

Once we develop good understanding about your data (which could be structured and unstructured) we then design and implement Data Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solutions to bring insights and build innovative software and services that reduce cost and improve efficiency in your business processes. We specialize in sensor (IoT), retail, logistics, supply chain, financial data management and analytics.


To implement the best and cost effective solutions, we evaluate your software systems to recommend the best possible Open Source Software and Services. Our recommendations not only provide strategic advantage to you, but also make your software and services more compliant and secure. We use state of the art technological solutions to achieve that goal.

Open Source Software as Service

Open Source are enabling startup and emerging companies to compete with large vendors. Data driven companies use open source software and services to process their big data and build innovative applications. In this context, we enable companies to develop new solutions to gain competitive advantage. Either its data storage problem, development platforms or its integration, analytics and reporting tools, open source provide a multitude of solutions. It’s useful to have a guide like us to provide insights about the underlying open source projects that are driving today’s – and tomorrow’s – innovations.

With the usage of Open Source comes various security and compliance challenges. We provide various solutions to manage these risks in the best possible way. The first step toward achieving that goal is to accurately discover the usage of Open Source Software and Services at various levels of granularity. We use state of the art tools provided by our technological partners to automatically analyze software systems (source and binary code).

Area of Services

We provide services to various segments of businesses. Technological startups or established companies in the areas of warehouse, logistics, IT or financial services etc., benefit from our solutions by increasing productivity and profitability.

Sensor Data (IoT++)

Either its numerical data from a multitude of sensors embedded in your infrastructure such as IT, warehouse, pipelines, homes, industry outlets, logistics (cars, trucks) etc. or its unstructured data feeds from social media, we can help manage these data to provide unprecedented insights based on state of the art data science solutions.

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Financial Data

We don't only know how to manage big data generated by financial processes embedded in your business, but we also build predictive models to optimize your forecasts while increasing profitability. We validate your computational models while testing them against the ground truth. We apply state of the art algorithmic and statistical techniques to optimize your financial products and services.

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Supply Chain Data

Either you are in logistics or warehousing or part of a complex supply chain; managing various forms of data related to inventories and merchandising is key to your success. As the nature and volume of data evolve, bringing insights to optimize your supply chain is non-trivial. We apply state of the art algorithmic techniques to optimize your supply chain and then mine your data to build innovative software solutions and services.

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