Enterprise Data Services Network (EDSN)

A large number of enterprises are sharing various forms of data that were previously unavailable, e.g., by building various APIs, to promote innovations as well as business interests. TeejLab's EDSN platform offers a unique opportunity to developers and enterprises to reap the benefits of these data sources (APIs) in a seamless way. 

Big Data

Managing big data is non-trivial let alone analyzing or visualizing them. We use state of the art big data technologies such as MapReduce, Hadoop and Spark for big data.

Machine Learning

We use supervised and unsupervised classification methods. We build predictive models to optimize your forecasts while increasing profitability and efficiency.

Custom Software

We build customized Open Source Software based solutions for our customers. The open source solutions enable us to return the maximum value on your investments.

Data Management & Analytics Solutions

Collecting and analyzing multi-modal sensor data is challenging. Either its numerical data from embedded sensors in your infrastructure such as IT, warehouse, pipelines, homes, industry outlets, etc. or its unstructured data feeds from social media, we can help manage volumes of streaming data to provide unprecedented insights based on state of the art data science solutions.

We use open source to process big data and run predictive analytics. Open source is enabling startup and emerging companies to compete with large vendors. In this context, we enable companies to develop new solutions to gain competitive advantage. Either its data storage problem, development platforms or its integration, analytics and reporting tools, open source provide a multitude of solutions. It’s useful to have a guide to the underlying open source projects that are driving today’s – and tomorrow’s – big data solutions.

Computational Models

We build predictive models to optimize your forecasts while increasing profitability and efficiency. We can first help you build "ground truth" data-sets. This is a very important step in any Machine Learning solution. We then validate computational models while testing them against the ground truth. We apply state of the art algorithmic and statistical techniques to optimize your financial products and services.

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